Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of SARRIS CRUISE WEBSITE

     By accessing this website you confirm that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions:

    You have accessed the official web page of SARRIS CRUISES SHPK. Through our website, the user can come across different forms or calculators (i.e. job application form, credit card application form, and so on). In different fields of these forms you may be asked to input personal information. SARRIS CRUISES ensures web page users that once these data reach company databases they are securely processed; SARRIS CRUISES ensures that will strictly implement the entire legal framework regarding users’ data, as mentioned in Albanian Constitution, Law in force (Nr. 9887 dd. 10.03.2008) “for Personal Data Protection” and other complementary regulations.
    Also, the user confirms that the data filled in different forms are fully authentic and accurate. Once the information is filled and the continue button is clicked, the user accepts the right of the SARRIS CRUISES to internal use, for the requested purpose only, and further process of the data inputted.

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