<strong>MISSION</strong> MISSION
“SARRIS CRUISE & LINES- We sail together to the ancient cities and create a memorable experience along the shores of the Mediterranean”.


<strong>VISION </strong> VISION
“Sarris Cruises & LINES  guarantees a cruise at the highest standards of quality, with competitive prices in the Albanian market and professional services offered on board, always in line with the needs of our friends and by respecting the Greek and Albanian maritime tradition”


<strong>VALUES</strong> VALUES
Our international company is the promoter of cultural and tourist values to the Country of Eagles..

The ferry company Sarris Cruises & Lines was established in 2005 (as affiliate  of well-know Greek company  “Sarris Cruises & Lines” established in 1980). The new company got approved from the Albanian ministry of transport to operate yearly with two vessels of high capacity, and to provide  for the first time the transport of cars from Corfu to Saranda. The new vessels are bringing twice a week organized tourist groups from Corfu to Butrint ancient city. New services such as  pilotage, boat renting ,organized tours and mooring/berthing services are added to the company portfolio by meeting the  needs of our customers.  Our core values are based on the historic and traditional relations between Greece (Corfu) and Albania (Saranda).

Established to become a leader in the sector of transport of passengers and cars in Albania, thanks to entrepreneur spirit of two co-founders, the ship owner, devotion and sacrifices of the ferry  crew, within a few years Sarris Cruises & Lines  becomes a reference company in the maritime links between GREECE and Albania ( the Country of Eagles). The company is currently praised for more than 2.5 million passengers being transported from the port of Saranda.

This initiative started in January 2005 with Rena ship (Giorgia was later added) with a capacity of 520 passengers and 18 cars in the line of Saranda- Corfu, due to the relation expansion strategies, modernization of fleet and high level of services provided, SARRIS Cruise & Lines presently has the largest fleet in the( Saranda)  Albanian market in terms of passenger capacity (up to 520 people) and cars (up to 18 cars) and connecting the ports of Corfu, Patras, Paxos with Saranda with daily departures.

The year 2015 will mark the final recognition of Sarris Cruises & Lines, as the market leader at lowest prices, highest level of comfort and safety, and qualitative services for local and foreign tourists. All of  this thanks to the local management and dedication of staff and partners.

Thanks to a distribution network of about 100 Greek and Albanian travel agencies we are present internationally with very strong brand awareness. Sarris Cruises & Lines provides more advanced IT technologies for control operations of the transmission of data and interfaces with the Ports Authority beyond a sophisticated and advanced system of booking and fully developed at home.

From 2016 to 2017 Sarris Cruises & Lines cooperates with the NGO Butrint 2000 and became a member of the Albanian Tourist Union, participates by supporting and sponsoring important environmental social and cultural events in Albania, helping charity organizations by funding and supporting cultural and tourist assets of the Country of Eagles, becoming the first promoter of tourism.